Information Regarding the Purchase of Artwork

Mission Statement

This site presents the various Vasile Mutu’s artistic activities, as well as projects concerning art and the artistic heritage.

Divided into chapters, artistic activities are illustrated by photographs of performed artworks.

Some works can be purchased. Other, especially decorative and sacred artworks, paintings, stained glass, ceramic and bronze reliefs, serve as examples and guide for ordering new artworks.

To buy or to order an artwork can be done by direct contact with the artist in one of the languages used in this site, indicated by the corresponding flags on the horizontal menu at the top right.

Terms & Conditions

On the Home page you can by a stamp, on paper or on canvas. 

If you a interested in one original work displayed on Paintings, please let me know. I’ll furnish you all additional information like detailed photos, description and availability for purchasing.

You will communicate me, by e-mail, your choice, indicating the code (the first 5 characters in the title, e.g. “P0099”) and all possible questions related to the artwork that you think to purchase. I will answer all the questions, including the price and the cost of shipping.

If you a interested in an Art work to be projected and realized according to your needs, a piece of Decirative Art, Stained Glass, religious Art or other, that will be the case to be discussed by e-mail, WhatsApp, Skype, Phone, just to agree and to find and develop the right solution.

The contracting of artworks to be projected and realized implies a relationship of exchanging information on the characteristics of the work to be realized, performing sketches and executive explanatory. The project itself, if of a considerable extent, can be subject to specific payments.

E-mail is the preferred way for communication for all stages of work. But direct, by voice, communication is also important for its immediacy.

For payment I prefer PayPal, for his safety. Other modes of payments can be agreed.

Shipping & Handling

The Paper and Canvas Prints will be shipped directly from the company that makes them (in Germany). All other artwork will be shipped from Riposto (Italy).