Some Personal and Professional information


I am Vasile Mutu and I am a plastician. I work in various fields of plastic art: easel painting, with various techniques; decorative art - stained glass, glazed ceramic and ceramic relief, decorative painting on various supports (wall, canvas, wood panel, glass, etc.); Religious art - paintings on wood and canvas, byzantine icons, murals, stained-glass windows; monumental art - painting and ceramics.


I studied art in Bucharest at known painters in the years 1982-1992, having as professor the painter Mihai Bandac. My proficiency has gained much from the attendance of the Art studios of Romanian painters in Bucharest like Benone Suvaila and Vasile Chinschi.


I've lived in Sicily since 1992. I exhibited in personal and group exhibitions in Italy. I execute artworks on private and public commissions.


I am a connoisseur of Byzantine monuments of Sicily and I promote studies in this regard.


This site aims to explain the artistic activities carried out by me, as well as to facilitate the contacts in view of possible purchases of artworks for sale, or to negotiate a new artwork: decorative painting, portrait, stained glass, any other artwork to be agreed via email or by personal meetings.